AMCI Mt. Halcon, June 12-16, 2002 Bulletins

Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 15:42:09 +0800
Subject: [AMCI] Mt. Halcon, June 12 to 16 Bulletin No. 1

May 6, 2002

We will start tomorrow with our workout for the Mt. Halcon climb.

Attached is the workout, pre- and post-climb meetings, tune up climb schedule we will follow.

For Tuesday and Thursday workouts, let's meet 6:30 PM at the Jaime Velasquez Park in Salcedo Village, Makati City.

For Sunday workouts, let's meet 6:00 AM at the ULTRA track and field oval.

The following have already signed up for the climb:

     Ely Aurellado
     Mac Aurellado
     Don Bailey
     Raffy Guillermo
     Mike Magana
     Chooey Ochoa
     Buko Raymundo
     Sharina Reyes
     Arlene Teodoro
     Leo Tomas
     Babols Yap

You can sign up by replying to this e-mail, or do so during our workout dates and weekly AMCI meetings.

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