AMCI Those who will fly Cebu Pacific, PAL or Air Philippines to Tacloban

Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 18:22:40 +0800
Subject: [amci] Those who will fly Cebu Pacific to Tacloban No. 2

October 5, 2000


The deal with Cebu Pacific is for us to buy entire ticket booklets consisting of 11 tickets each. A booklet costs PHP 19,350.00.

One-way fare is PHP 2,099; a ticket from a booklet costs PHP 1,759.00 which is cheaper by 16% (PHP 340.00).

Cebu Pacific has given us only until October 7 Saturday to buy the ticket booklets. This is to give them time to open the reservation to other passengers in case we cannot fill up the 60 seats.

Below are the participants who will fly to Tacloban via Cebu Pacific.


1. Peter John M. Abogado
2. Ma. Lydia Theresa C. Acot
3. Crisostomo P. Ayaton
4. Andre M. Badiola
5. Leonida N. Baluyot
6. Cheryl J. Bihag
7. Lorenzo P. Delmo, Jr.
8. Jo Ann C. Galimpin
9. Vivian B. Genato
10. Chic T. Nicolas
11. Arlene L. Teodoro

GROUP #2 <- needs 4 more

1. Felix Gabaldon
2. Ian Tañedo
3. Vanessa Tagaro
4. Oscar Radoc
5. Tey Matic
6. Richie Macapinlac
7. Kathleen Esguerra

GROUP #3 <- needs 2 more

1. Alexis Mallari
2. Jovanni Cid
3. Baye Cid
4. Vanessa Cid
5. Rowie Garcia
6. Zar Fernandez
7. Menchie Barbudo
8. Jedas Daag
9. Cris Padilla

TOTAL: 27 as of October 5 Thursday 6:00 PM.

Yehey! Ang dami na po, o kayo sama na!

Date: Thu, 12 Oct 2000 18:40:07 +0800
Subject: [amci] Those who will fly Cebu Pacific, PAL or Air Philippines to Tacloban No. 3

October 6, 2000

Below are some tips, do's and don't's for those of you who will fly to Tacloban and back.

  1. Make sure your stoves and lamps do not contain any amount of fuel. Empty the fuel tanks beforehand. For camping gaz a.k.a. bluet stoves and lamps, light them up until all fuel is consumed.
  2. Stoves and lamps are suspicious-looking items. It is best that you put these items at the top load in case they ask to see it.
  3. All types of fuel are not allowed in the airplane. This is why you are advised to bring these items on October 18 so that it will be transported to Tacloban by boat.
  4. Tighten all straps. Make sure there are no loose hip and sternum straps. These items break easily. The baggage handlers are notorious in mishandling backpacks. We advise that you put your backpack in a large plastic bag, and seal it with rubberbands. This way, the baggage handlers are unable to get their hands on the straps, and the breakable parts of the backpack.
  5. The rule in unloading baggage from the airplane is LAST IN, FIRST OUT. Be among the last passengers to check-in the baggages so that we can exit the airport faster in Tacloban.
  6. Lastly, fragile and sensitive equipment like cameras, cam-corder, etc. should be hand-carried instead. Eggs should likewise be hand- carried. Make sure all containers of condiments, cooking oil and other liquids are sealed and protected from breakage and leaks. Expect our backpacks to be at the mercy of the baggage (mis)handlers.

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