State of MaSci

Subject: State of MaSci
Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 15:40:20 GMT

I don't know how much love you have left for the school but I must admit, I found the things written below disturbing to the point of disheartening. If you feel so inclined, please forward this to HS classmates you are still in touch with. Hopefully, something will get started soon. If you hear of any initiatives, let me know and I'll put in my contribution. That's really passive, I know, but given my circumstances, it's the best I can do right now.

Batis ng diwa (ano daw?),

PS Can somebody forward this to the MaSci 89 mailing list? Hindi ko alam yung email address e. Salamat po!

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From: "Laura C.H. del Rosario" 
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Subject: State of MaSci
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 22:58:07 +0800

Just thought all MaSci alumni ought to know...

More info on the state of MaSci as discussed during the homecoming:

Apparently, for two years now, we're not anymore considerd to be a special science school by the City Hall of Manila. Reason is that most of the graduates don't pursue careers in science. Aray! Dahil hindi na special, the school doesn't get any subsidy from the gov't. Because of this,

The call is for the alumni to get together and help the school in any way we can. Makakatulong din kung titipirin ang gastos sa reunion so that the savings will go partly to the school. Sabi daw ng guest speaker (undersec yata ng DENR), aminin daw natin that where we are now - the success we enjoy (kung meron man), the discipline we have - is because of MaSci and not our colleges nor solely our own efforts. Papayag daw ba tayong mawalan ng Alma Mater and limit the benefits we enjoyed to ourselves lang.

Haaayyy! Nakakaawa ang MaSci. I got the info from my officemat here who's also an alumna of MaSci batch 86.

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