November 2000

General Trends

After a month of observation in October, everything is open to you now. Don't go after what you want until you have studied the solidity of your projects, or they won't succeed. You will know how to use all of your skills and creative spirit. If you spread yourself too thin, you could get into trouble and lose time on tasks that bring you nothing in return. Have a game plan and follow it through to the end. Organize yourself in advance because you are going to be swamped with work and have to carry out the disagreeable tasks in daily life as well! This isn't the moment to show signs of weakness! Although you have a lot of confidence, don't refuse advice that is given to you and put it into action. Your family will need you so even though you have a lot of work, reserve a few hours to relax with them. Watch out on the 16th.


After a tense few days at the beginning of the month when communication will be difficult, a climate of well-being and harmony will settle in. Unexpected events in the first week of the month will upset your lifestyle: you will be overwhelmed with all the invitations you get between the 2nd and the 11th. If your heart is free, your charm will be irresistible and you will meet a lot of people. A passionate encounter with a beautiful stranger is also in the stars and could last longer than you expect. Some of you will be having some memorable evenings... Favorable dates for meeting new people will be the 2nd, 11th and 28th. From the 20th to the 30th, this wonderful atmosphere will dissipate and the 21st and the 22nd you may have some fights.


Once again you will be anxious at the beginning of the month. Don't close yourself off to the world but, on the contrary, get out and go biking or for walks: get some air! You may have some sore throats or bronchitis and your liver won't tolerate the least amount of excess in what you eat or drink. A diet would help.


There will be a lot of possibilities this month, but be selective and act with method and forethought: everything will come in time! From the 2nd to the 20th, you will be called on for a long-term work project which will require all your organizational skills. You will be working long hours but you won't mind. Be very rigorous and don't neglect the smallest detail, and fix your objectives right from the start. From the 16th on, slow down a bit and take stock of what you have done so far, and think about new roads to take in the long-term. Towards the 20th, you will have an important interview with your superior concerning intense work you have just completed. Be particularly attentive to how you dress and what you say. You will be offered a change in departments or a more interesting job. Problem days will be between the 21st and the 30th, prudence on the 28th. Voyages are favored the 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th.


A balanced budget wouldn't make you unhappy at the end of year. Avoid spending too much money by restraining yourself from buying on impulse. Bad advice could get you into a bad investment between the 20th and the 30th of December. Two opinions are better than one so even if you upset the person who gave you advice, get a professional opinion, especially if the investment concerns buying or renovating a house. Gambling days will be the 2nd, 11th et 20th but you only have an average chance of winning. Your numbers are 2, 4 13, 19, 20 21 and 38.

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