June 2001

General Trends

This will be a wonderful June marked by so many exterior events that you will be overwhelmed. Don't forget that your acts and ideas will have long-term effects until even next year. Your decisions will be so black and white that you may shock some people: don't pay attention to them but only to specialists. Your ardor will be tenfold and you will be the master of all your undertakings. Don't focus on any litigation or discussion that could cause useless complications: you could be virulent given the state your are in and you will lose time for nothing. This will be a fertile and constructive month and you will advance in giant steps. No obstacle will get in the way of you realizing your ambitions. Your important days will be the 1st, 10th and the 19th.


Your professional activities won't leave you much time for your family and the atmosphere will be heavy. Don't be too aggressive with your family or moody, especially on the 5th, 14th and the 23rd. An important decision should be made concerning a child who will refuse to listen to you: try being tender and understanding! From the 14th to the 23rd, family reunions will be excellent moments to have fun - and you need it! If you are single you will meet someone interesting on the 6th and the 15th but it won't be a very easy relationship at first.


You will need a rest period towards the middle of the month to recharge your batteries. Your stomach will suffer because of your anxiety and you may have digestive problems. Eat lightly! Your eyes will be very sensitive so you will need to buy a good pair of sunglasses.


The first week will be agitated so be alert for any professional discussion or signing of a contract. You will be most energetic between the 24th and the 30th when you will also have the greatest chance for success. Grab onto any opportunities that come your way because they will help you climb up! Leave no details to chance. Your work must be precise and neat so it will be nothing other than top quality! The 6th, 15th and 24th you may get a chance to travel so I advise you to take it. You are in a period when you will succeed in everything and all occasions should be exploited to a maximum. Important dates will be the 7th, 16th and the 25th.


Stay vigilant concerning any unwise spending all month. After you pay off diverse bills you will be surprised to see your savings disappear and your vacation plans seriously undermined. Don't panic, money that you have been counting on will be coming in to build up your savings again. Calculate your budget by cutting out expenses that are not indispensable and you'll be smiling again. You will be lucky at gambling up to the 10th but beyond that it would be imprudent to bet large sums of money. You will also have a very good chance on the 13th, 14th and the 15th. Your numbers: 6, 7, 8, 17, 26, 31, and 42.

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