Jim's Webmaster Mandatory Links & Resources

Webreference.com Learn about it here
Background Colors And how to use them
Webtrends Live Leading Web Traffic Analysis
WS-FTP A favorite FTP program
M - W Dictionary Not Sure? Look it up!
Dumbest Moments in E-Business "I thought you did the backup!"
TrickX.com latest Mac OS X tricks & Tips
Mircmod.net Scripts, add-ons, etc.
Visibone.com Color Safe Web Palettes
Dynamicdrive.com DHTML scripts and info
Webmonkey! The How-To Library
Development Resources Animated gifs, Java & More
CodeAve.com Good info on ASP, HTML & Java
Eyewire! Great site for PhotoShop® Junkies!
Moreover! Free News Feed Site
Mediabuilder.com! Free image & font library
ICRA.org Internet Content Rating Association
Zonealarm A free personal firewall
MediaMatrix 50 Most Popular Sites on the web
FREE JAVASCRIPTS Free Java & Much More
FREE CGI SCRIPTS One of our favorites
ISP Speed Test Test your connection speed
Trace Route Run a visual trace route here
SpamCop A link to beat the spammers
E-Commerce Info Compare Shopping Cart Software
Whois Search Mandatory for Domain research
HTML Writers Guild Learn HTML on line
Flash Resources Get answers to your questions
Search Engine Watch Danny Sullivan's site. Great Stuff!
Reverse Phone Lookup Need an address?
Wordspot.com Need Keyword information?
Corbis Your source for pro quality stock photos
A Great Web Tutorial 28 Steps to great web page
For Your Enjoyment Market Position Monthly
DSL Providers Comparisons of DSL Providers Nationwide
Onyoursite.com A Content Provider for free add-ons to your site
USReference.com Coding, phone directories and help.
Alabanza.com Find People on the Net

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