Training Program

General Policy

All trainees of AMCI (the AMCI Mountaineering Club, Inc.) are required to successfully complete the Club's BASIC MOUNTAINEERING COURSE before they can be considered for membership. They can then begin to enjoy all the rights and privileges of an Ayala Mountaineer* (AMCI Mountaineer?).

All trainees will be treated with due respect. The club is genuinely delighted to have new trainees and aims to make their training enjoyable without necessarily sacrificing the high quality of the training program.

Training Objectives 1998
Training Objectives 2000

General Training Rules

Management of the trainees is the responsibility of the Training Committee. Any matter requiring judgment on the conduct of the training and of the trainees may be brought to the attention of the Trainees and Members Relation Officer, or to the Training Director.

On Training Sessions

On Training Climbs

Requirements and Grading System

The grading system is a simple PASS or FAIL. PASS refers to the trainee's compliance of a requirement.

absences shall not exceed 20 percent of the total number of training sessions / 2 late arrivals shall be counted as 1 absence

Written Exam
80 percent competence in all subjects

Skills Test

Basic First Aid / Basic Life Support

Qualifying Run (15 km.)
complete in 2 hours or less

Training Climbs
complete at least 3 of 4 training climbs

A trainee must satisfy all the above requirements to qualify for the induction climb

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