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20030325: So I have another Site

I have been so busy working on the myAMCI site that I had no time to work on Jim's World. Damn.

Had an idea on how to rework the snake thingy at the homepage. Now, it no longer overflows to the left of the window causing new horizontal scrollbar. Plus it now follows the mouse pointer wherever it is. Unlike before when it is limited to the original size of the opened window.

Past update: I have moved all AMCI pages to myAMCI.tripod.com except for GerryVee's pages. hmmm. will have to do that sooner or later.

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20020628: Mid-year Madness

This is fun! New learnings everyday!

I was revising this page and got into trouble with the alignment of the paragraphs. Took me a good 20 minutes to resolve that bugger. I almost had to fire up my HTML checker to find my coding errors. As it turned out, there was no error. All it needed was a touch of magic.


I'm finally back in the search engines! Yahoo! and Google and the other major search sites now list my site in the top ranking when you search for my name. Also searching for some of the names of the AMCI officers and members. And of course using the keywords AMCI, mountain, mountaineer/s/ing, Ayala Mountaineering. And I didn't have to pay a cent! And another cool thing, try using the Google search form in my Links page with the search term "jimsamonte" and see what happens...

My hit counter has finally overtaken the number of days this site has been up. Thanks to all the visitors, and of course those who took the time to sign the Guestbook.

I have also moved the previous years' happenings in their own archive pages. I don't want to clutter a page with OLD news k'se eh. (Yeah right!)

- New SiteMap
- New pictures of Jim and Ken in Profiles page
- Updated AMCI Gimiks and Announcements
- Updated AMCI Climb Itineraries
- Updated AMCI BMC Training Schedule, Officers
- Posted the 7-day Mt. Halcon induction experience
- Added pictures in my Taiwan gig

My next project is the change of look of the myAMCI Homepage. I am still waiting for the Official AMCI website. 3 launching announcements and still no site. Don't want to preempt the site y'see. Come back soon!

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20020422: I am Back!

Okay, so no noticeable changes...yet.

I spent most of last year (2001) in Taiwan: worked, joined the Taichung Hash House Harriers, and climbed the HIGHEST mountain in NorthEast Asia (Yu Shan)! Putting up my pages for those activities will form my major revision for this site.

I changed the sidebar graphics to ALWAYS tell you that you are in Jim Samonte's World. Removed the floating AMCI logo except in the main AMCI page--it disabled some links when it is hovering at the same level. Copyright notice is now "1998-2002". Removed the Searchbutton search box coz it no longer worked. Removed the GOTO.COM search box coz they have changed their name.

Oh, and one thing brought to my attention, Google removed me from the top spot in the search result for "Jim Samonte". I wonder why. I have to reclaim that! :-p

I also lost the domains www.amci2k.com, www.amciplanet.org and www.myAMCI.org. Can't afford to maintain them. Geez.

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Year 2000 Changes


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