AMCI CATS was formed for the 1st induction climb for batch 1999. It was composed of four groups joined together as sister groups. The Group Leaders or Advisers are from batch 1998: Dong Corpuz, Malvin Agra, Dante Tablizo and Jim Samonte.

Among the four, only the groups of Dante and Jim were able to make it to the resort, or the end of the induction. Actually, they were the only ones who made it among the whole team, along with the lead pack and the guides. The others had to bivouac and spend an extra night along the trail.

Group C
GL - Dong Corpuz
AGL - none
Eloy, etc.

Group A
GL - Malvin Agra
AGL - none
Eli Poblacion
Mathess San Pedro
Danny Tecson, etc.

Group T
GL - Dante Tablizo
AGL - none
Jeff "Bastos" Agbayani
Melody Cruz Jo Cuarteros
Mike Magana
Joji "Fetus" Morales
Raquel Naval
Sam dela Pena, etc.

Group S
GL - Jim Samonte
AGL - Dolly Ortega
Dada Manuzon
Astrid Padilla
Hermie Ramos

Historical Background
Induction 1998

Group 10 - KEPSA Group

GL - Ruben Mallari
AGL - Ricky Frias

Senior Members:
Me-ann Villamor
Yayo Limon
Marlyn Santiago
John-john Principe

Dante Tablizo- GL
Jim Samonte- Scribe
Susan Garcia
Vin Agra- Finance
Roel Vinarao- Escort, socials
Den Ortizo
Ellen Suarez- Kitchen

Group Eqpt.:
Meann- 3
Yayo 2/3 to Jim (pegs)
Vin - tunnel 3
Dante - trangia
Vin, Ricky, Dante, Ge
Me-ann to Jim
Extra Groundsheet:
Den, Ruben, Me-ann, Susan, Yayo
Food Contribution: P300.00

Induction 2000 - The AMCI Packers

This was the batch that was lucky enough to experience snake bites, bee stings, and 7-day Halcon 2nd Induction.
Three Groups joined together as sister groups. Only The PaPackers were able to go down the mountain safely. Next day, they made an assault carrying extra loads of water to keep the victims from dehydration.

The PaPackers
GL - Tey Walde
AGL - Jim Samonte
Aaron Arcilla
Jeff Ledesma
Nida Baluyot
PJ Abogado
Rey Ferbandos
Susan Diaz

The Mud-A-Packers:
Arlene Teodoro
Bien Genato
Cheryl Bihag
Jecan Candelaria
Simon Almoro

The ToPackers
Chic Nicolas
Gabby Roque
Ging Acut
Jo Ann Galimpin
John Pete Agcaoili

Andre Badiola
Malvin Agra
Mario Alotaya
Momoy Ayaton

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