De La Salle Outdoor Club

Calendar of Activities

1st Term SY 2000-2001

Date Activity Remarks
July 1-2 Acquaintance Party Antipolo, Rizal
July 12 1st Pre-trip: River trekking (Day trip) .
July 16 1st Outdoor Trip: Daraitan, Rizal Cancelled due to Rains
July 26 2nd Pre-trip: Hiking/swimming (Overnight) .
July 29-30 2nd Outdoor Trip: DLSU Marine Station Matuod, Batangas .
August 9 3rd Pre-trip: Hiking (Overnight) .
August 12-13 3rd Outdoor Trip: Mt. Makiling Calamba, Laguna .
August 23 4th Pre-trip: Hiking (Overnight) .
August 26-27 4th Outdoor Trip: Mt. Maculot .

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