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What's NEW? - 2000

Too Many
20001207: Ho! Ho! Ho!

This will be my final update this year. Sheet, I'm tired...and actually very happy!

I ported the Site Map into it's own page, which means that I don't have to fetch it from Freefind. The graphical menus are now in the main pages in the site (not just in the homepage). My personal mission statement is also up. I have archives of several news bulletins in the AMCI section.

I believe this site is already "advertised" in MFPI and the AMCICHIKA egroups. Oh well, I wonder when my hitcount will overtake the number of days this site has been up.

Wish list:

  • More participation by the AMCI secretariat and different committees in supplying information for the site. (I hope they do that in the official version of the AMCI site).
  • Profiles of the AMCI members.
  • e-Newsletter
  • And a partridge in a pear tree.

Hey, the pictures are surely gonna come!

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20001112: New and Improved?

Most of the previous month's enhancements are technical.

File sizes are reduced (meaning, faster page views, hopefully). Created external javascript and stylesheet files. Some javascripts are scrambled. I am working on lesser readability for the sourcecode of my pages.

I have added a graphical menu in the top portion of the Home Page, based on a friend's suggestion...but I have yet to improve on its looks. (Yeah right!) The guestbook is now running. Added more text in my bios/profile. Added 3 new scripts: the countdown to Christmas, the scrolling text box and the date display.

I have also put up the outdoor jokes page (Patawa sa Bundok). Put in the new AMCI logo in its homepage. Put up some graphics to the different websites in the Outdoor Links page.

There is a new counter and a cameraware applet somewhere in this site, too! It's supposed to be cool, but you be the judge.

Okay? so much for now. Next time, I'll be filling this site with pictures. Watch out for it!

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20001020: Learnings

It is almost 2 months since I've written here.

In that span of time, I have built, destroyed (if you only knew how), and rebuilt my site--each time providing me with new learnings. This site can now be accessed through the following addresses: all.at/jim, jim.all.at, www.amci2k.com, www.amciplanet.org and www.myAMCI.org.

I have also put in the first picture in this site. Not much to look at, but that is me. I think it was taken sometime in 1997 in Cebu City. I'll try to update that page with my bios.

What's really keeping me busy is reading the tons of emails I get. My 6MB Yahoo! mailbox fills up in 1 week. Arrrggghhh!

I am still waiting for the volunteers to help me with this site.

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20000827: Slowly but surely?

Geez! All I did is do some link validation, page redesign, and other "enhancements". I still have to find a decent guestbook, feedback system, photos, and other graphics. The newsletter is s-l-o-w-l-y coming into existence...

I am still putting together the 'gears' available in tripod and incorporating them into this site; I'm trying to figure out a good domain name: amci2k.com, amciplanet.org, clubamci.org, amciclub.org.

Drats! Maybe I should start putting together a team to maintain this website. Any volunteers???

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20000801: Welcome!

Whew! When am I gonna launch this website??? I sort of have the framework ready but I still don't have the pages for them. That's why some of the links are still inactive. Nevertheless, hope to be advertising this website soon, perhaps by August 6. I need to have the pages filled up, especially the homepage of AMCI.

I hope you find the information here as useful and entertaining as possible.

Come back soon!

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