January 2001

General Trends

This will be a month for making big decisions that will have an influence on the year to come. Get advise before undertaking anything because you won't have any chance of succeeding alone. Try to be available and listen to others at work and at home. Stress will overcome you so take care of yourself by taking some moments to relax. Being in groups will stimulate you. You will feel a need to be with people. Your family and friends may weigh on you and people close to you may have to undergo an unexpected operation or be sick. You may have delays in things you have requested. Patience will be your only arm. As for traveling, there is nothing spectacular in the stars for the moment. Important dates will be the 20th and the 21st.


Recently formed couples can look forward to a promising future - marriage or children. You will meet up with old friends that you haven't seen for a long time and share some great moments again. Routines won't come back very quickly. You will constantly be solicited which you will enjoy because you can't stand being alone. After the 13th, a friend will be very present in your life will know how to listen to you. Try joining a group sports activity or an association where you're know-how will be appreciated. On the other hand, people who are jealous of you will try to discredit you so avoid displaying your success too much. Important dates: the 18th and the 21st. Be careful on the 1st and the 10th.


This is the moment to take care of yourself: take the necessary steps for rheumatism or respiratory problems. Rest and relaxation will be called for the first few months of the year. Take advantage of this time to read.


This will be a difficult waiting period for you men who will be negotiating and will need to be diplomatic. In your professional milieu on the other hand, your success is assured especially if you work on a team because you will be supported up to the end. Don't hesitate using up your energy from the 18th to the 27th. If your artistic side is developed your favorite pastime could bring you great satisfaction and could become your principal occupation. Your creativity will be at its maximum and your success will be beyond what you had hoped for. The end of the month will be calmer and your very favorable days will be the 15th, 19th, 23rd and 26th. Your negative period will be between the 9th and the 18th. Be prudent on the 10th and the 23rd. Traveling will be good on the 2nd, 11th, 20th and the 29th.


You have almost no chance of winning if you gamble this month except if you play with friends. Your savings will melt away surprisingly fast. Unexpected expenses will make a big dent in your already tight budget. This isn't the moment to go skiing or shopping for sales! Reserve your time to help someone in your family who is having difficulties at the moment. Your dates for gambling will be the 3rd, 9th and the 18th. Your numbers: 1, 4, 9, 13, 21, 30, and 41.

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