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Your Horoscope Identity is: Gemini

QUALITIES: mutability – intelligence – flexibility – sociability – talkative – aptitude for study and teaching – manual dexterity – curiosity – amiability – suppleness – vivacity.
FAULTS: instability – superficiality – casualness – fickleness – agitation – unreliable - cynicism.
MODE: Mutable.
RULER: Mercury.
COLOR: Orange, Yellow.
FAMOUS GEMINI: Marilyn Monroe, George Bush, Donald Trump.

The sign of GEMINI represents exchange. A double sign, GEMINI is talented and avid for knowledge to widen his experience - a kind of eternal student… But he also likes to be disconcerting and can be cynical towards others - perhaps because he can't stand certainty in life.

Numerological Data:
Heredity Number: 6
Active Number: 6
Soul Urge Number: 4
Persona Number: 8
Expression Number: 3
Soul Urge Number Essence: 7
Persona Number Essence: 2
Expression Number Essence: 9
Default Numbers: 1
Extra Numbers: 3 7 8
BirthDay Number: 2
Life Path: 1
Life Path Essence: 8

Astrological Birth Data:

Sun Position is 11 deg. 15 min. of Gemini
Moon Position is 21 deg. 38 min. of Gemini
Mercury Position is 25 deg. 43 min. of Gemini
Venus Position is 25 deg. 15 min. of Gemini
Mars Position is 17 deg. 14 min. of Pisces
Jupiter Position is 12 deg. 01 min. of Aquarius
Saturn Position is 22 deg. 24 min. of Gemini
Uranus Position is 19 deg. 14 min. of Libra
Neptune Position is 05 deg. 53 min. of Sagittarius
Pluto Position is 02 deg. 08 min. of Libra

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