May 2001

General Trends

Be very patient at the beginning of the month because some delays and roadblocks will get in the way of your projects. You should relax as much as possible. It's time to take stock of events since the beginning of the year - and to come to some conclusions. A weekend spent reading or going out will recharge your batteries. You will feel alone despite the presence of your family and will just barely be able to stand them. A friend whom you can count on will help you to get a handle on things. Trust him and talk to him openly about all the hassles you are having. His opinion could help you make a decisive decision and get you back on track. It will only be from the 24th that you will have control of things and start to set up projects on a solid base but only after a period of reflection. Your important dates will be the 9th, 18th and the 27th.


You will be irritated between the 22nd and the 31st, so people better not be stepping on your toes! Calm and relaxation will be the best way to get rid of your anxiety. Nothing will be going right for couples, especially if they have recently gotten together. Conflicts and jealousy will break out for no reason and bring on scenes and fights. Be calm... especially on the 23rd and the 24th. You will meet old colleagues from work that you haven't seen for a while who will make you remember things you had almost forgotten. Fun evenings will be in the works and you will meet a lot of new people. Dates to remember will be the 7th and the 15th.


You become anxious over anything, and a climate of insecurity seems to surround you: stress is taking over little by little. Take quick action because depression will be likely this month. For those of you with kidney problems remember to drink lots of water and avoid habitual problems.


Before the 22nd, try to be patient even though all your undertakings will be blocked up and you will waste your time and energy for nothing. Reserve yourself for the end of the month when you will have to show that you are confident in yourself and entirely capable of taking on your professional future. You will be supported by your family and friends in making a difficult choice concerning a new job but this is the moment to affirm yourself and prove how efficient you are. Your important dates will be the 8th, 17th and the 26th. You trips will be best on the 7th, 16th and the 25th. Be careful on the 6th, 14th and the 24th!


At the beginning of the month nothing will be going right and your morale will be very low. You may have a positive response for a late payment or an error in your favor between the 4th and the 22nd - this will be a great relief to you. Despite an uncomfortable situation, get information on new possibilities for investing at your bank - this will still be the best way to have luck come your way. The 13th, 18th and the 19th will be excellent days to gamble because everything is open to you: the lottery, horse racing, roulette...Your numbers: 6, 7, 15, 21, 22, and 31.

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