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November 21, 2000 to November 20, 2001

The Year's Atmosphere

From the beginning of the Forecast till Saturday 1 December 2001
You are entering into a new cycle and a period during which your top priority will be to seriously question the attitudes, thought patterns and habits that make you the person you are today. Since no one is perfect, a certain amount of time is needed for this self-assessment exercise. You will begin by trying to rid yourself of everything that no longer corresponds to the image that you have of yourself and then, assimilate all of the new habits that you need to learn and which are most appropriate to your new mindset. However, this change will not be pain-free, as you will use a lot of energy trying to resist and overcome this phenomenon. If instead, you are open to and accepting of change, your life will get better in general and in every area.

From Saturday 2 to Sunday 10 December 2000
and From Monday 30 July to Sunday 16 September 2001
The occasions to progress will be numerous during this period, notably in your professional life: all the right conditions will be united for you to realize your objectives. The circumstances will also be more favorable for collaborating or working in a group or as part of a team. On the strictly personal level, this period will also be advantageous because globally, you will be able to take advantage of the positive influences in your birth chart. Your idealism will be exacerbated and you will feel attracted by anything to do with the social sciences and metaphysical domains which consider the universe as one, indivisible whole.

From Tuesday 26 December 2000 to Wednesday 28 February 2001
A period of change is coming up in the weeks ahead. Don't worry, the changes will be positive and concern your social life. You will have the chance of benefiting from a flow of very positive energies that allow you more and more control over your social and professional environment. You will have to take advantage of this great period to think and be up to date in your obligations which you may not have respected up to now. The moment would be good to associate your interests with people who are close to you in your professional or private life. This period will be filled with success and material abundance.

From Sunday 11 February to Monday 20 August 2001
You are going through a period of your life that is conducive to spiritual discoveries and other forms of abstract thought which will enrich your intelligence. This will be a very slow and subtle process, and could take several years, to fully change the thought processes that needed a second wind. These new aptitudes and understanding of life will obviously have an impact on your future. However, changing lifestyles will not happen without some bumpy roads and hard choices. It is never easy to leave behind one's past and everything achieved for a different future, which, even though we know it will be brighter, is still unknown. So, it is your view of the world and of life that will be transformed, and you'll need to have courage to deal with the obstacles along your path and in particular a great deal of humility if you want to achieve true happiness. The cards are in your hands.

From Monday 12 February to Friday 16 March 2001
and From Thursday 23 August to Saturday 1 December 2001
This time you've had enough of hiding your sentiments and emotions. The period coming up will give you the necessary force and a legitimate claim to complete freedom of your expression whatever this costs you on a social and relational level. Yes, you've decided. You no long want to muzzle or confine yourself to silence. You want to appear as you really are and won't care about the consequences because it is your instinct for conservation that is guiding you and it's right! You will also be ready to make the necessary changes even if your family and friends are reticent about your new found freedom. You will find new people who are in accordance with these new conditions in your life and if you don't find anyone, you will be ready to live by yourself. The intensity of your inner life and creativity will also be stronger. In general, you should be able to discover new horizons!

The period that is coming will be one in which personal considerations will have precedence over all else, even though subconsciously you still feel the need to remain with the group you frequent socially. Don't expect any recognition or attention from others if you yourself are not capable of giving in an emotional relationship. The main thing you have to do is be open to opinions that are different from yours. To do this, it will be important for you to learn not to react according to your emotions. Sports or an activity that requires discipline could help you to achieve this.

From Tuesday 20 February to Sunday 1 April 2001
and From Monday 30 July to Tuesday 2 October 2001
The period coming up will be synonymous with progress. Indeed, you will have opportunities that allow you to better the quality of different domains in your private and professional life. These occasions to better yourself will be given to you through techniques for personal development, meditation and body and mind work whose objective is to create a harmony between the different aspects that make up human beings. If you are capable of such self-discipline in this work on yourself, you won't have to wait long to see the positive consequences in your every day life, notably at work where your behavior will impression more than one person! So here you are, mature and ready to make a great step ahead in your personal and social life!

From Saturday 21 to Sunday 29 April 2001
Life will be like a long, quiet river with no worries to bother you and problems in sight. You will be able to let yourself be carried along by time and events and take advantage of life. There will be almost no psychological tensions nor outside pressures or resistance from others regarding what you do or your projects. It would be useful and opportune to get the most out of these exceptional conditions to put some order into different domains of your life that need it, or necessitate changes. The present influences in your birth chart could provoke some spiritual questioning because you want to know what is happening behind the appearance of things. This period would be good for traveling, studying, affairs, commerce or transactions. You will have great contact with people in the hierarchy or who have authority and power and it is probable that you will get just satisfaction.

From Wednesday 25 April to Friday 6 July 2001
Apparently you have decided to leave your den. It looks like you are going to finally look for the kind of relationship you want! The opportunities to meet people will be numerous and gratifying most of the time. You haven't felt this sense of freedom with others for a long time. Your fears will disappear as if by magic and you will be really very social and open. You will want new experiences and to share them with someone. And if possible, you will want to completely get you out of your normal social environment because you won't feel free there anymore. People know you too well, and they have a fixed idea of who you are and this impedes you from expressing yourself. This period will finally give you the opportunity of getting some dynamism into your social life.

A calm and peaceful period is coming your way according to the planets in your chart. Since you want to feel love and support, you will try to privilege the emotional ties with those close to you and in doing so, provide them with the same. This is the ideal to take time to do what you really want to. Pleasure and fun will take priority over work.

From Tuesday 1 to Saturday 19 May 2001
The period coming up will allow you to work harder than at any other period in your life and with a great chance of succeeding if you know how to take advantage of the extremely beneficial influences in your present birth chart. Indeed, you're going to discover creative forces and an inner potential whose effects will conjugate to propel you towards your objectives. You're going to better understand your own inner self, how your energy circulates and how to best take advantage of this knowledge! This new intelligence, and your capacity for exchange with the outside world will guarantee your success. This is a period in your life you can profit from by becoming more aware of yourself and undertaking certain disciplines such as yoga or meditation.

From Thursday 10 May to Tuesday 4 September 2001
This will be a very positive period in your life, which you will take advantage of to get to better know your inner self. All of the optimism and self-confidence that you have been lacking recently will be here to help you. You should take this opportunity to change certain behavior patterns that are not a true reflection of your nature and are negative for you as well as those around you. All of the energy of your horoscope will be there to help you make this change, to give you the strength to renounce this part of your personality - in any event it is the part that has been modeled by your environment and is not your true character. However, these new forces are not inexhaustible, and will disappear as they have come, leaving you alone to deal with things. So don't miss this opportunity by being overly optimistic or proud - what's important is for you to change and change for the better.

From Monday 4 to Friday 8 June 2001
On the affective and emotional levels, this period promises you a lot of satisfactions and happiness. Firstly, you will be able to express your feelings honestly and without fear or being blocked up. You will feel open and generous, be prompt in giving and receiving and above all, you will be a person that everyone wants to have around! Your private life will be your priority and you will want to make your home a warm and comfortable place where your friends can come and find comfort. The past will also carry a touch of nostalgia with it in different forms: meeting up with old friends who contributed a lot to your present situation and an irresistible desire to open up the attic to get out objects from the past - also witness to your life. In this period, you may tend to gain weight. So avoid sugar and fat and take up a sports activity again - this will do you a lot of good.

From Friday 8 to Tuesday 12 June 2001
You will be entering a period in your life when you understand all the blockages and inhibitions that you are responsible for and victim of. These "impediments" find their sources in your social context and in the fact that you limit yourself. There are two ways of reacting to this situation - one is by being impatient, agitated and making impulsive decisions. The other is by being patient and prudent. In both cases, your life is going to undergo big transformations because you can no longer stand all the constraints that limit you. You will know how to unmask them. In any case, be moderate in your decisions so you don't provoke too many turbulent or traumatic situations, but rather try of make deep changes that correspond to your current environment.

From Wednesday 20 to Sunday 24 June 2001
Here is a period that will be favorable and which could bring you many satisfactions in your sentimental and affective life in the weeks to come. These happy moments will come when you are with your friends. Whether in love or friendship, your relationships during this period will always be satisfying and you will know how to find a balance between love and the attachment that follows and giving everyone concerned enough freedom. You will be attracted to beauty and your aesthetic sense will be opening up: you will only have eyes for what is beautiful. This penchant will risk costing you quite a lot of money. You will be spending more than you ordinarily do and be capricious as well. Don't give in to culinary pleasures or the like because you could regret it later.

From Wednesday 20 to Sunday 24 June 2001
For you, this period will be very clear and favorable. You should take advantage of it to elaborate battle plans for future projects because during this period your intelligence will be high and your capacity to synthesize very sharp: this will give you a limpid understanding of the different scenarios of your life and the means to make it better. In addition, you will start from the principal that everything will happen as you have planned which will be true in part, but only if you make the preliminary effort to investigate before any decision is made rather than acting in haste. These days and weeks will also be good for transactions, buying or selling and good on an intellectual plan as well - this would be a good moment to go back to school or change professions. The influences in your birth chart may wet your appetite for human sciences which sublimate reality: spirituality, religion or philosophy. In general, you will be so enthusiastic and optimistic that you will be welcome everywhere you go.

You are in full possession of all of your faculties and your influence over others will increase considerably. This is a very positive period and you must not let this opportunity to attain your goals slide. The fact that your intellect is aroused could have a downside - your could get lost in endless mental musings and need to make an effort to remain concrete and clear-minded. This is a time, which is clearly favorable for negotiating and signing contracts.

From Wednesday 18 to Monday 30 July 2001
You are coming into a period that will be marked by a sudden resurgence in your ambitions and you will have the sentiment that you are capable of accomplishing great things. The energy accompanying you will be powerful and push you to give all of yourself, and fight for success and power. It is probable that you will meet quite a lot of resistance in your familial and professional life, especially if you are not very scrupulous in your methods. The most probable manifestation of this new energy will be that you implicate yourself personally in a project of reparation or reconstruction, or reorganize an affair. You may have to fight for what you think is right but you must be certain you stance because if not, you may have problems with the justice system.

From Tuesday 24 July to Friday 17 August 2001
and From Thursday 15 November to Saturday 1 December 2001
Here is a period in your life that couldn't be better! Luck will be on your side not by chance, but because of your work and perseverance which created the conditions for it to appear! You will continue to work hard to get the maximum out of every opportunity that comes up and give amplitude to your activities. This will allow you to get through the most difficult crises without too much trouble. Your intellectual acuity and clarity of mind will allow you to understand the situation globally and in detail, which your professional milieu will admire and respect you for! Your superiors will see in you the solution to their problems. You will no longer consider your obligations as impeding your freedom of action but rather as circumstances that guide you along a path that you have chosen. You will be able to elaborate long-term projects with success.

Love Life

From Tuesday 26 December 2000 to Sunday 4 February 2001
In the weeks ahead you will have great resolve to get free of the social environment you are in. You will feel as if you have lost control of your capacity to make decisions and that the various obligations of modern life are also an obstacle to your personality, individuality and thought. So you will decide to take stock of the different aspects of your life and make the necessary changes, whatever the sacrifices involved. The approval of others will no longer satisfy you: it is up to you and your analysis of situations to make the decisions and take the measures to change your life.

From Friday 26 January to Thursday 10 May 2001
and From Monday 26 November to Saturday 1 December 2001
There comes a day for everyone when we come to the realization that the relationships we have with people in their entourage are of mediocre quality, and this day seems to have come for you. You will have moments of revelation and realize that you are no longer satisfied with the lack of love and sincerity in your relationships. These are never easy times - quite to the contrary. However, you must go through these trials before you can have the kind of quality in your relationships that you demand. This deterioration in your ability to communicate will affect every area of your life, in both the personal and professional realms. However, you will keep those friends whose friendship is tried and tested, and who will support you and serve as examples as you choose new acquaintances. You should avoid having showdowns with your detractors at all costs, as they won't hesitate to use any means possible to break you. During this phase of your life, you have to learn that you alone are responsible for what you do, and to not blame others for your mistakes. If you succeed in doing this, you will see that your efforts will be properly rewarded.

From Wednesday 23 to Thursday 31 May 2001
A desire to affirm yourself will mark this period. You will want to do this in new domains outside of daily routines so difficult to escape from. You will refuse to be part of the never-ending merry-go-round of daily life and want to explore new horizons, taste new forms of liberty and discover unknown dimensions in your existence. This sudden impulsiveness could show itself at any instant like a volcano erupting and take the form of an interior voyage or one abroad! This will be a very enriching, intellectual period because you will be receptive to anything that is unknown to you and be ready to sweep away old ways of thinking and preconceived ideas - as long as this allows you to assimilate new concepts. This will also be a lucky period in your life. Sudden opportunities could present themselves and dramatically modify your future plans in a beneficial way.

From Wednesday 22 August to Sunday 2 September 2001
You should take advantage of the period coming up to learn how to better use your energy and not attract attention to yourself. You should be looking to give some of your force and willfulness to others - qualities that are sometimes bad for you. You will be astounded that as you develop your sense of helping, kindness and understanding, the universe won't stop coming to your aid and will help you more quickly than you would have imagined! This doesn't mean that your independence is in jeopardy nor that your relationships will become like chains around your feet, but, on the contrary, you will be more in tune with your environment and those close to you: you will get a maximum amount of satisfaction out of all domains of your life.

From Thursday 23 August to Tuesday 4 September 2001
You're going to be in a period that is consecrated to a personal quest and filled with questions about life. You will be questioning all of your opinions and beliefs and this will allow you to become more aware and find out what your most intimate aspirations are. You will get close to your goal. It is possible that you will want to take initiatives and act in a somewhat brutal manner when it would be better to be guided by your intuition. Be careful that new experiences don't lead you from the path of discovering your true self and that you don't disperse and waste your energies.

Career and Social Life

From Saturday 27 January to Saturday 19 May 2001
It looks like everything is coming to the surface: your fears, anxieties and all the frustrations that you still haven't been able to express. Your subconscious is finally going to get rid of the negative energy that has been weighing you down, and doubt will vanish from your consciousness. This is a wonderful present, but you know that to get it, you will have to go through some trying times. This period will thus be marked by strong tensions that test your will to avoid errors of the past which will come back and haunt you. Assailed by old demons on the inside, you will also be frequently attacked from the outside world during this conjuncture. But you will come out of this period wealthier and with a lot more possibilities for the future!

From Monday 7 to Saturday 19 May 2001
The forces in the present configuration will focus on your social life. It is probable that the relationship you have with "authorities" will cause you to be under fire because of your intransigence. This is related to your need for freedom of expression and your behavior: you refuse to make any concessions! So you risk having conflicts with the established order in various forms. This could be positive and negative: you may have to confront the judicial system in your country, get the support of an influential person, be challenged in a foreign country, or have a sexual relationship with someone who can open up new social perspectives, etc.

From Tuesday 15 to Wednesday 23 May 2001
The energies accompanying you during this period may give you the means to get back in control of your destiny: your vitality will improve! The first consequence of this will be a new found confidence in yourself and a desire to affirm yourself and take advantage of any opportunities that come your way. There will be a few pitfalls however and you will have to avoid them if you really want to get the best out of the present influences in your birth chart. There are three of them which find their origin in the despotic nature of your ego: don't let success make you forget to respect others, avoid dispersing yourself and have reasonable proportions for your projects. To avoid these pitfalls, there's nothing better than discipline and organization. Be open to criticism and don't act out of emotion caused by your impulsive nature. This could make your colleagues and superiors extremely wary.

The most positive aspects of this birth chart analysis concern your social life and more particularly, your professional life: this period will be excellent for you to realize your ambitions. You will have to work on a project that canalizes your will to act and spirit of initiative because you dislike outside, authoritarian pressures to be put on you. This energy could attract people to you who can help you: don't systematically oppose their authority but rather align your interests with theirs.

From Thursday 31 May to Monday 18 June 2001
This period could be marked by doubt, incertitude and confusion which will demand a lot of vigilance and discipline on your part, if you don't want to lose too much of your confidence. This general climate won't be great for inciting enthusiasm and it may even be that you fall into being pessimistic or discouraged which could impede you from carrying out your responsibilities or important tasks. Don't take this period in your life too tragically! It is only temporary and it could bring you some great satisfaction: No pain, no gain.


From the beginning of the Forecast till Thursday 8 February 2001
and From Monday 27 August to Saturday 1 December 2001
You are about to turn a page in your life, but this will happen in such a soft, subtle and gradual manner that you probably won't even realize it. However, several years will pass before you benefit fully from the far-reaching changes taking place within you. Basically, you will be walking away from a way of life that was mainly focused on material things and finally experience an unending source of happiness and satisfaction. You are very lucky to have this opportunity to live intelligently and you must realize that it is not given to everyone nor is it easy. There could be difficulties or obstacles along your path, which will make you, fall back into your old ways or you could have financial problems, as your relationship with money will be different. In any event, don't let anything stop you, because as you now know, it is happiness that lies at the end of the tunnel.

From Friday 7 September to Saturday 1 December 2001
You are coming into a period of your life that is of major importance for you as regards material possessions. You feel the legitimate desire to improve your financial situation and this at a time when the circumstances are right and can help you. All of the conditions - both within yourself and in your environment - will be there for you to improve your standard of living. Be careful though, not to be tempted to go to far, and to neglect the other aspects of your life. You could lose an even more valuable asset, the love that you have in you. You must make sure that you keep the right balance between your emotional and materiel sides and between your inner self and outside surroundings if you want to find happiness.

Health and Vitality

From the beginning of the Forecast till Saturday 1 December 2001
You are entering a time in your life that is conducive to reflection, or taking stock of your life. You probably feel a pressing need for change, or even a total about-face in your behavior and way of thinking, as you can't stand the boredom that has set in. This self-assessment process could lead you to focus on your weaknesses rather than your strengths. This could throw you into periods of depression and you might not know which way is up for a while. But despite all of these problems, you need to take advantage of this opportunity to rethink your life, as you will receive support - the powerful energy present at this period will give you the wherewithal to make it through this test. You will come out of it a younger and changed person. But until then, good luck in this hard task.

From the beginning of the Forecast till Monday 7 May 2001
You will enter into this period of your life with greater sensitivity and will learn a great deal about your level of spiritual elevation, mainly because of the new way in which you will see humanity in general. You will be much more attentive to the problem, concerns and needs of your family and friends. This heightened awareness, due to the realization that every human being is in the same boat and suffers the same hardship from one end of earth to the other, will unfurl a wave of compassion within you which will wash away your defensive mechanisms and the wall that you have so carefully built to protect yourself from life's tribulations. You are very lucky for this to happen as the world will be open to you, not only with its troubles but also primarily with all of the joy that you have deprived yourself of for too long. By being more open to others, you will meet many people whom you will enjoy thoroughly and who will be key to your social and professional success.

From Tuesday 17 to Saturday 21 April 2001
Here is a period that will be very favorable and give you many satisfactions, joys and happiness in all domains of your life. Indeed, you will be immersed in a wave of very positive energy which as if by magic, will succeed in sweeping away the grayness of your daily life! You will be happy in every way - no-one could ask for more! Your freedom of expression will appear again and you will take advantage of this to make up for lost time: you will literally delight in everything new and will know how to get the essence of what is to be learned from each new discovery! The temptation will be great to sin through an excess of optimism or to believe that everything is allowed. The temptation will be great to forget that this happy period is temporary and that the combats of life will return once again. Don't be extravagant on the financial level.

Of course it's difficult to get rid of habits that go back to our childhood and are extremely deep-rooted in our subconscious, and which resurface whenever we are emotionally troubled. Few of us manage to achieve this, which is why you are very lucky to have this energy to help you do it. This will begin first by your becoming aware of this, and then deciding once and for all that you won't let this happen anymore. This will be a major step in your adult life and will enable you to increase your power over outside events and better control your future. If you want your life to be successful, you need to eliminate whatever is harmful for your body and also start to get some exercise.

From Wednesday 18 to Tuesday 24 July 2001
In the weeks and months to come you will have to make sustained and consistent effort to get the results you need not to fail. You may feel crushed by the weight of your tasks and responsibilities and have a lot of bitterness that your freedom of movement is limited. But don't lose patience or get discouraged because as unsatisfying and torturous this period may seem, it will bring you rewards and satisfactions in the future. Be careful not to add on more responsibilities to your work because your health could suffer. This could translate into cardiac or circulatory problems. During this period you will have to concentrate your energies on your commitments and avoid any dispersal of your energies, even if you sometimes feel a little bit isolated from the outside world.

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