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Your Numerological Profile is based on two numbers: your Life Path Number and your Expression Number.

Your Life Path Number

Your Life Path Number is calculated using your date of birth.
This number reveals the path your life will take toward its destiny, the opportunities that will open up to you along the way. You cannot escape the influence of this path. However, the way in which you go down the path is up to you. For example, you may hurry down the path, or you may wander down the path calmly, taking in the scenery.

Calculate the Life Path Number by adding up the month, day, and year of your date of birth. For example, for a person born on June 23, 1952 the Life Path Number would be calculated like this:

6 + 2 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 2 = 28 = 2 + 8 = 10 = 1

If the first total for the numbers comes to 11 or 22, do not reduce it any further. These two numbers have their own special meanings.

Your Expression Number

Your Expression Number gives a numerical value to the letters that make up your first and last names. This number represents the way you express yourself, your behavior, attitudes and desires. It represents those aspects that make you unique.

The Expression Number is the most powerful of all numbers and is the basis for your NumeroScope. In fact, it is the starting point for all numerological themes.

Life Path Number: 1
Expression Number: 3
Soul Urge Number: 4
Personal Year: 1
Heredity Number: 6

The Family Name represents your Heritage. The designated number underlines an aspect of your character that is enriched or even stimulated by your family. In certain cases, the Family Name Number can soften some of the constructive aspects of the First Name. This implies a battle to succeed.

Here harmony dominates. You have a strong sense of responsibility even if there is much uncertainty in your life. You're desire to serve people is omnipresent and you are a diplomat. You are concerned by humanitarian causes and give priority to your feelings. However, be careful of a certain tendency to be capricious or indecisive.

Active Number: 6

The First Name represents the potential you should express in your life to have a sense of balance and to succeed. It is the key to your happiness. In the beginning, your desires and ability to realize your projects in all domains will be influenced by your first name. It represents the ideal course to follow if you want to realize yourself completely. It is important that you give priority to the information that your first name gives you. You will then notice that the general tendencies that are outlined correspond to your real, inner identity.

You seek happiness, love and strong emotional states within the context of the home and the family and look out for the well-being of others. Your sense of responsibility and demanding nature at work or on an emotional level doesn't keep you from needing encouragement from others in all that you do because you are greatly influenced by others. Endowed with a great sense of generosity and artistic sensibility, you are often the object or subject of a difficult orientation or indecisiveness. The important decisions you make can alter your life forever.

Soul Urge Number: 4

This number is derived from all of the VOWELS and represents your INTIMATE SELF - your hidden truths and secret aspirations. It is the determining factor in your life as part of a couple or group. The ideal situation is to find a partner who has the same desires as yourself. Only this number can help you to better understand the hidden desires of those close to you.

Through an unconscious quest for material security and security in your private life you seek to consolidate the structures of your existence to the benefit of those around you ...If you succeed in realizing yourself this will be because of your patriarchal nature. Because you are a traditionalist, attached to what is yours and to solid values, you don't make commitments easily. Becoming your friend is a great challenge for those who are impatient. You are loyal in friendship, inspire confidence and are constantly solicited because of these qualities. Fortunately, in business as in love, you take time before engaging yourself and observe the people around you before giving them your confidence. Your weak point is your family: you will sacrifice your interests for them if need be. Your lack of flexibility is caused from clumsiness - you don't like to upset people (being sensitive yourself). Deep inside you feel a blockage concerning your excessive timidity which impedes you from being demonstrative. You are very discreet out of respect, but once you are within your habitual environment of a small group, you open up. Your ambitions and universe seem limited - but this isn't true in have time on your side and you know it! You have a strong sense of balance, rhythm and orientation: so you don't get lost easily! With your practical sense you can be astonishing in many circumstances.

Soul Urge Number Essence: 7

This essence allows you to step back and deepen your understanding of the aspects and symbols in question. You will have a much more reflective nature, be more self-critical and question yourself much more. This will help you to succeed. Sometimes, the spiritual dimension is very important. This essence always denotes a tendency toward introversion and favors platonic sentiments.

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