Mt. Mariveles Itinerary

DAY 1	     Saturday August 5, 2000

Details                                     Time
Assembly at CCP Complex ferry terminal      5:00 AM
ETD for Orion, Bataan                       6:00	
ETA at Orion                                7:00	
ETD for Brgy. Alasasin, Mariveles           7:30
ETA at Brgy. Alasasin                       8:00
Start of trek                               8:30
ETA at "The Gate"                          11:00
ETA at Papaya River; suggested lunch area  12:30 PM
ETA at SCAJ waterfalls                      3:30
ETA at Lumber JACS; last water source       4:30
ETA at Tarak Ridge - Papaya River junction  5:30	
ETA at Tarak Ridge; campsite                7:00
Lights out                                 10:00
  1. Approximate trekking time: 8.0 hours.
  2. Minimum water load to the campsite is 3.0 liters.
  3. Tarak Ridge is often hit by strong winds. Bring extra pegs/stakes and guy lines.
  4. It can be very cold especially in the evening and early morning. Bring sufficient cold weather clothing.
DAY 2	Sunday	August 6, 2000

Details                                     Time
Wake up call                                4:00 AM
Start of trek to Tarak and EL SACO peaks    6:00	
Start of trek to Brgy. Alasasin             9:00
ETA at Papaya River                        11:00
ETA at "The Gate"                          12:30 PM
ETA at Brgy. Alasasin; wash area            3:00
ETD for Orion                               3:30
ETA at Orion                                4:30
ETD for Manila                              5:00
ETA at CCP Complex ferry terminal           6:00
  1. Approximate trekking time: 8.0 hours.
Boat fare: Pasay City - Orion                       PHP 160.00
One-time terminal fee at CCP Complex ferry terminal      10.00
Jeepney rate: Orion - Brgy. Alasasin                    600.00

*actual amount is PHP 440.00; it is computed as follows: (boat fare x 2) + ((jeepney rate / 12) * 2) + terminal fee + wash area fee of PHP 10.00

  1. Expect to be rained out during this climb. Prepare for wet and cold trekking. Waterproofing of your backpack is a must.
  2. There are long stretches of open trail. Bring a cap, sunglasses, lip balm and sun protection lotion in case the weather becomes hot and sunny.
  3. Bring duct tape or packaging tape for treatment of poison ivy (a.k.a. lipa).
  4. Suggested trekking attire: long-sleeved shirt, and jogging pants or leggings. Also bring your trekking gloves (if you have a pair).

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